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The 70s Was a Time of Change

Posted on May 27 2014 by Jenny Blevins

The 70s Was a Time of Change

The fashion style during the 70s has allowed the world to witness the extremes of creativity and style. Runways have observed drastic changes as people moved from one interest to another.

The Rise of Simplification

The 1970s fashion saw the all-time popularity rise of the miniskirts. The typical European or American woman started wearing a fringed suede miniskirt or a monochromatic-monotone skirt paired with a chic, simple, or elegant blouse.

Continuation of the Hippie Look

Many individuals have also carried the popularity of the hippie look during the late 1960s. Tie dyes, crop tops, and jeans were still popular choices.

Women and girls loved to wear mid-calf length dresses, which were also referred to as “midis” and ankle-length dresses or “maxis.” Men, on the other hand, fancied regularly colored denim and jeans with plain shirt tops often layered with simple handkerchiefs and bandanas.

From Meek to Glam

Drastic changes to the decade’s fashion style started to happen during the mid-70s. Most people in the United States of America, Britain, several parts of Europe, and various portions of Asia admired the glam rock styles. The popularity of various rock stars, bands, and artists such as David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Roxie Music somewhat declared that clothing with glitter, glam, and gleam is the new “in.”

Women during this period were used to wearing flared-stain trousers and denims, metallic colored tops, skirts, and dresses, tight lurex halter tops, sequined bra tops, and satin hot pants. Men meanwhile revered lame suits, satin quilted jackets, astronaut style outfits, and rhinestone studded shirts. The hair style for both sexes was often rendered with pomade or hair wax to assume an edgy and strong character.

The Rise of the Geeks

Geeky and nerdy looks were also very popular for both men and women. Plain looking outfits were intensified by obvious and large black-rimmed eyeglasses. The smarty aura battled with the loudness and fanciness of the glam fashion.

Further Exploration

The decade ended with people striving to try something new. People from various walks of life never hesitated to put on the weirdest, the showiest, and the most elaborate styles.

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